In order to bring all our organic products to you, while ensuring that their authentic flavours are preserved, numerous producers in Latin America, Africa and Asia continue to farm organically, relying on age-old savoir-faire and profound understanding of plants and flavours, transmitting their knowledge to you today, in line with both nature and humankind.


At our Bordeaux facility, the Destination team is made up of dedicated experts who work every day on the selection, creation, gentle and artisanal processing, and quality control of our organic coffees and teas.

For over 20 years, our expertise has been strengthened and expanded, from the selection of raw ingredients to our artisanal coffee roasting process, without forgetting the rigorous quality control of our entire product range.

Today, our expertise in the organic hot drinks sector is one of a kind, and we have been certified and recognised for our loyalty to our commitments. This is because we provide natural, authentic flavours, directly from producer to consumer.



We began the great Destination adventure back in 1999 with our first organic coffees. Ever since, we have been continually developing our artisanal savoir-faire in the realm of organic coffee, at every stage of production and preparation :

  1. Our team roams the world’s coffee plantations. We select only organic, green coffees that are harvested by hand when the beans have reached perfect ripeness, grown in lands renowned for the exceptional quality of their coffee.
  2. In Bordeaux, our master roasters receive the organic coffee beans, then proceed to the next step: artisanal roasting. Every coffee crop is roasted separately, in order to conserve the original taste of each variety of coffee bean and the characteristic fragrance of each growing environment. In line with this artisanal tradition, we adopt a method of slow-roasting at low temperatures, ensuring that our beans are roasted through to their core, in order to enhance and preserve all their natural aromas. During this crucial cooking stage, the green coffee bean firstly turns yellow at 135°C, then browns while undergoing the Maillard reaction at 160°C, before producing its first crack at 190°C and coming out of the cooker at a temperature of between 200°C and 215°C.
  3. Our roasters can then focus on creating our blends, making sure to respect the identity of each crop through a perfect mix of finesse and subtlety, as they seek out the best aromatic balances and new flavour destinations.
  4. During these various processing phases, our experts rigorously control the quality of each roast, particularly in terms of composition, humidity, grain size and colour, to ensure that they all adhere to our specifications and commitments.
  5. Finally, at our facility, our team seals your delectable, organic, just-roasted coffee in a pouch equipped with a one-way freshness valve, which is designed to create optimal conservation conditions, or in individual pods made from paper that is not bleached using chlorine, which are compatible with your Senseo©* coffee maker.

*third-party brand with no affiliation with Destination SAS



On our adventure of trekking the trails of organic teas around the world, our passion for great journeys has helped us train our palate for tasting organic tea year by year, to help select our original tea varieties and create new compositions :

  1. Our tea experts head off on expeditions in the four corners of the planet, visiting the most beautiful tea gardens in Asia and China, without forgetting India and Sri Lanka, of course. We select exclusively tea leaves that are harvested by hand using the fine-plucking method. This gentle harvesting method consists of picking only the first two whole leaves along with the bud, in order to capture maximum taste while also respecting the growth of every branch of the tea plant.
  2. Before we import our organic tea leaves, they are controlled by our experts to give an absolute guarantee of their quality and authenticity. Analyses carried out by independent, accredited laboratories enable us to ensure the total absence of pesticides and chemical fertilisers in our organic teas.
  3. Our tea creators can then determine the composition of each blend and each original recipe, combining organic tea leaves with flowers, plants, fruits and spices.
  4. We flavour our loose-leaf teas directly ourselves using natural flavourings, without any artificial flavourings, flavour enhancers, additives or preservatives.
  5. Finally, we seal your organic loose-leaf tea in a package that preserves the original flavours of the fine leaves right through to your teapot.