At Destination, we have been actively committed since 1999 to the protection of the environment and to Sustainable Development, providing you every day with organically farmed, eco-friendly products with authentic flavours and at affordable prices.

At each stage in our production and distribution chain, we make sure that our human and environmental values are respected, in terms of nature conservation and product quality, as well as in terms of the respectful, equitable relationships that we maintain with every one of our farming partners around the world.


Passionate about eco-friendly travel and eager to promote human and environmental values that are common to all cultures around the globe, we have remained loyal to our principles of sustainable development, ever since the beginning of our journey. From year to year and from destination to destination, we have continued to examine and improve our activity in this regard, one step at a time. Here is the Charter of Destination’s 10 Commitments :

  • We give you the guarantee of wholesome organic products with no GMOs, no pesticides, no preservatives, no artificial flavourings and no flavour enhancers.
  • We use exclusively natural and organic flavourings wherever available.
  • We respect the environment at every stage of our production and distribution channel and are committed to ensuring that 0% of our waste goes to landfill.
  • We work in favour of Sustainable Development by using renewable energy sources, with 100% green electricity, as well as by reducing our energy consumption at our facility in Bordeaux.
  • We defend short food supply chains to bring  the consumer closer to the producer.
  • We select our suppliers for their social and environmental policies, excluding categorically any child labour.
  • We favour fair exchanges and promote on-farm packaging.
  • We make it easier for people to access our whole range of organic everyday products.
  • We keep the tradition of artisanal roasting alive with our organic coffee beans.
  • We share our expertise through our introduction and training sessions.



Our organic products are certified by ECOCERT and bear the AB and Eurofeuille labels.
These two (French and European) labels ensure that all our coffees, teas, infusions, cocoa powders and sugars are guaranteed to be produced through organic farming.


Pioneering fair trade label Max Havelaar is awarded in recognition of production and distribution methods that respect the ethical rules and requirements of fair trade, according to economic, social and environmental criteria.


The Fair For Life label guarantees that the rules of sustainability and equity have been respected throughout the whole supply chain for our organic coffee producers in Honduras, organic tea producers in Sri Lanka and organic rooibos producers in South Africa.

This certification is a firm attestation to our commitment towards keeping the local social fabric strong through empowering the producers.


The Qualité Artisan label  is awarded in recognition of Destination’s quality and skill in French artisanal roasting, which is carried out by our artisan roasters at our facility in Bordeaux.


We have received the B Corp certificate , which holds every bearer to incredibly high standards, being awarded only to companies that meet strict criteria in terms of corporate governance, transparency, and social and environmental commitments. Its numerous assessment criteria scrupulously examine every aspect of the company in all its different parts, and the result is made public to encourage private companies to commit to sustainable development and the common good of society.


In order to adhere to a genuine approach of sustainable development and environmental protection, our Bordeaux facility is eco-friendly and eco-responsible, with its roof covered by 7000 m² of  photovoltaic panels.

Going even further in our commitment to our environmental responsibility, we are moving towards the complete recycling of our waste and the reuse of our non-recyclable waste for green energy. As such, not a single piece of waste that we produce goes to landfill.

We have launched a partnership with a number of associations through our recycling program : Clowns StéthoscopesAgir Cancer GirondeLes Bouchons d’amour.

As part of our roasting process, we have now installed an afterburner that allows for up to 30% in reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

But Destination is also involved in commitments with each collaborator :

  • Launch of an action programme that aims to improve on-site safety (training, uniform occupational risks assessment document, security visits etc.).
  • Participation in the Great Place to Work (GPTW) survey, which identifies areas for improvement regarding quality of life at the workplace.
  • Communications resources on eco-responsibility that aim to promote eco-measures.
  • Improvement of workplace ergonomics.
  • Skills enhancement for all staff members through implementing general and/or specific training courses.
  • Planning and implementation of an event to bring together all individuals involved at Destination for a fun and friendly experience on an eco-responsible theme (Organic Day).