For millennia, tea has travelled across seas, oceans and continents to become one of the world’s most consumed beverages. Produced through organic, eco-friendly farming, Destination organic teas invite you to explore the most beautiful tea gardens on the planet. Meet the producers who practise fine plucking to bring the authentic flavours of our many organic teas right to your teacup. Discover our teas in loose-leaf form or in individual sachets.


As you would do at any tea ceremony in the world, make yourself comfortable and enjoy the spectacle of your loose-leaf tea as it brews. Just a few organic tea leaves are needed to release the authentic flavours into the water, ready to bring you on a journey through lush green landscapes, for a little break.


The tea bag is a symbol of travel that offers you a opportunity for escape, wherever you are and whenever you want.
Experience all the freshness of the organic tea leaves, which are packed into Destination tea bags directly at the plantation to keep all their botanical, marine or woody notes.



Using the fine plucking method, our organic teas are harvested with care in the tea gardens of China, Japan, India, Sri Lanka and elsewhere. Once the bud appears on the tree, only the first two leaves of organic tea are picked. As a result, your hot drink has a richer taste and the tea plants can continue to grow naturally, enjoying the best-possible growing conditions.

Delve further into your exploration of our organic infusions by discovering Destination organic herbal teas.


At Destination, we take care of our organic tea leaves at each stage involved in producing our loose-leaf teas.

  1. We select our leaves from the best tea gardens, developing long-lasting, equitable relationships with all of our partner producers, who fine-pluck the tea by hand.
  2. We carry out rigorous quality control of our organic tea leaves right after harvesting, before bringing them to our facility in Bordeaux.
  3. We compose our own blends by creating original recipes, pairing organic teas with organic plants, fruits, flowers and spices without ever altering the flavour.
  4. We preserve the authentic flavours of all our organic teas by packaging them in moisture-barrier tea bags.