Come on a journey to meet the organic tea and organic coffee producers at the heart of our project. Without them and without their passion and expertise, we would not be able to produce any of our great coffee or our great tea. That’s why we are committed to a fair-trade approach, so that these partners are guaranteed economic, social and environmental advantages, ensuring that they have better living and working conditions, thereby promoting human values that are common to all cultures around the globe.

This approach enables us to support producers and respond to essential concerns, namely :

  • respect for their fundamental rights
  • a fair wage that allows them to cover their production costs and means that they do not have to depend on stock market values
  • potential investments in local projects that serve their communities or help improve their production facilities

Below, you can discover examples of real projects we are involved in, such as the construction of a health centre in Honduras and a house for a tea producer and her children in Sri Lanka. These great incentives make your cup of coffee or tea all the more meaningful.

Our fair-trade products bear either the Max Havelaar or Fair For Life label. You can find more information on these fair trade labels below.

Pioneering fair trade label Max Havelaar is awarded in recognition of production and distribution methods that respect the ethical rules and requirements of fair trade, according to economic, social and environmental criteria.

The Fair For Life label guarantees that the rules of sustainability and equity have been respected throughout the whole supply chain for our organic coffee producers in Honduras, organic tea producers in Sri Lanka and organic rooibos producers in South Africa.
This certification is a firm attestation to our commitment towards keeping the local social fabric strong through empowering the producers.